Coraline moves into a house that has two retired actresses living on the ground floor and a trainer of mice on the first. Her parents work from home but are busy and seemingly uninterested in her. She wanders about the garden and spends time meeting co-tenants, correcting them when they call her Caroline instead of Coraline. She is bored and irritated with  the unconventional recipes her father cooks up for dinner. She longs to be engaged and loved by  her parents. On yet another day of boredom in which she wishes her parents would entertain her or keep her entertained Coraline goes through a door, opened by an old key.Here she meets her other mother who has buttons for eyes but serves up the most delicious lunch. Another father is ever eager to talk to her and be with her. Coraline meets with her cat who speaks to her in this other world. The mice who she has never met in her regular world are all about and sinister in the other world.Coraline finds her room, altered only in colour, filled with talking moving toys. A garden outside the new home is strange and fantastical. She attends a show where identical terriers are the audience and Miss.Spink and Miss.Forcible from below are the players in the show.She finds everything far more interesting than her regular home, until that is she is asked to sew buttons for eyes by her new other parents. Her new mother assures her saying:

"We're here", said her other mother , in a voice so close to her real mother's that Coraline could scarcely tell them apart. "We're here. We're ready to love you and play with you and feed you and make your life interesting".

Coraline finds a way Image

Coraline refuses and what follows is an adventure that Coraline will never forget. Ghosts in closets, souls in marbles, a talking hand are only some of the amazing characters Gaiman conjures up in Coraline. Coraline is not for the faint of heart. Be ready for tightening of the heart, cold chills and other scary turns as Coraline uses her wits and intelligence to save her parents, friends and herself. Coraline is scared but looks beyond it when answering the call of her duty.

"Because", she said "when you're scared but you still have to do it anyway, that's brave".

Coraline is as energetic, as curious and unafraid of all sorts of surprises as it's author Neil Gaiman. Lose yourself in the mystery adventure called Coraline and get ready for the ride of your life.Coraline was adapted into a stop-motion picture. I leave you good reader with a trailer of the same.