"Please read me 'Chicken Soup and Rice' again mamma", has become a common refrain in my home. My six year is delighted each time she listens to this poem by Sendak. This book  takes us through the unfolding of months through the common cushion of comfort of chicken soup and rice.

In January it's so nice

while slipping on the sliding ice

to sip hot chicken soup with rice.

Sipping once

sipping twice

sipping chicken soup with rice.

Slip sliding and sipping soup

Further down in April, our little narrator notes:

In April

I will go away

to far off Spain

or old Bombay

and dream about

hot soup all day.

Oh my oh once

Oh my oh twice

oh my oh

chicken soup

with rice.

Hot soup in a hot place. Still delightful.

Moving into July the little boy decides it is into the deep sea he will go in search of his favourite soup.

In July

I'll take a peep

into the cool and fishy deep

where chicken soup is selling cheap.

Selling once

selling twice

selling chicken soup with rice.

Popular in the deep is chicken soup with rice, sold cheap

The poem takes a ghoulish turn in October when:

In October

I'll be host

to witches, goblins and a ghost.

I'll serve them

chicken soup on toast.

Whoopy once

whoopy twice

whoopy chicken soup

with rice.

Witches and ghosts love chicken soup with rice

An engaging story for each month Sendak's Chicken Soup and Rice is a great book to learn about months and for those of us who know to continue cherishing them.