Brains On, is a great site which answers lots and lots of questions about the world around us. The sound clips on SoundCloud are great fun to listen to. Children are involved in the narrative. Scientific, geographic and physical phenomenon are explained in an easy to and fun way. This monthly podcast for kids and curious adults, is produced by MPR News and Southern California Public Radio

  • Here is a sample of topics you can expect to see on BrainsOn.
  • Lighting the way for sea turtles at Gulf Islands National Seashore
  • Surviving the desert at Joshua Tree National Park
  • How Does The Internet Get To Us?
  • Body bonanza: yawns, hiccups, goosebumps and more.

In addition to the sound blog or podcast, Brains On gives a lot of cool resources. For instance, take a look at the map of submarine cables that make the Internet possible.

Learn more at Brains On!