There must be a mother for every child and a child for every mother. Both mother and child yearn and need each other. They both understand each other and respond to each other in a way that is unique and amazing. The love between a mother and child should be ranked high up on the seven wonders of the world, though it seems so commonplace. Some children are destined for the mothers they get.A Blessing From Above captures beautifully the essence of this yearning and loving. Mother Kangaroo prays and wishes her empty pouch is empty no more. She hopes and prays that her pouch will be filled with a baby who she can care for and love.

Wherever she goes or whatever she does she wishes she had a child of her own with her. She sees butterflies playing with each other and mother duck with her paddling of ducklings. Her longing for her own  little one increases.

One day as she rests under a tree that has a nest of bluebirds. A little bluebird gets pushed out of the nest by accident and comes falling down. Her fall is broken, ever so gently by her  fall into mama Roo's pouch. Mama blackbird, her nest overflowing with chicks is happy to see mama Roo taking care of her little blackbird.Mama Roo is over-joyed.

"At last! My very own baby!" she cried joyfully."I will cherish you and love you forever!"

Soon baby bird and mamma Roo do everything together. They play in fields, go to the pond and share berries with each other. Mamma Roo has finally found a baby for her pouch! Baby bird too thanks God for a loving mother.

Sometimes the bond between mother and child is not through birth alone, says the author Patti Henderson. Love can a feeling between two kindred beings. The most precious and pure bond of love is the parent-child relationship, which is truly a Blessing From Above.