Beauty is a mirror to the times it is in. The political, cultural climate determines how women put on their war paint, sorry make up. Cut Video has come up with a series of short videos showcasing beauty through the ages. The first two episodes are about beauty in the United States in white and Afro-American cultures. The third episode is the story of beauty through the ages in Iran.The concept of beauty we realise varies from culture to culture and with time. Someone who is considered a beauty in the 1930's may be considered overdone in 2015. Beauty is therefore subjective to the lens we see them through and there is no one idea of beauty that has lasted through the ages.Here then is the time line of white American beauty through history.

In this second video Marshay shows us the changing face of beauty in America through Afro-American eyes.

Moving from the West to the East we stop at Iran. Iran's history has moved from that of tribal nomads to very fashion conscious citizens under the Shah. The period of liberal mindsets saw a setting. In the wake of overthrowing of the Shah came far right mindsets that felt that women must look asture and live the life of the straight and narrow. Sure enough we see it with the changing beauty trends, chronologically.

We can conclude safely though that there is no one idea of beauty. Feel free therefore to experiment and come up with your own unique sense of beauty and fashion. They are but more ways to express your indviduality.