There once lived in Paris, Anatole the mouse. A happy, happy mouse was he. He lived with his wife Doucette and his six children. Their names were Georges, Georgette, Claude, Claudette, George and Georgette. Every night Anatole and Gaston cycled their way to people's homes and brought back food for their families.

Anatole in a mouse village in Paris

One day Anatole overheard a couple cursing the mice for eating on the sly. Anatole was slighted beyond belief. He was very upset and decided he must do something about his honour. For what was a mouse without honour? Despite being told to let it go Anatole strikes upon a plan. He makes notes that read Good, Very Good, Not too good and No Good. He then let himself into the Duval cheese factory where he tasted the cheese and left his review notes.


Reviews with notes for improvement by Anatole

The owner of Duvall decided to go ahead with Anatole's reviews and ordered changes to be made to the cheese as per them. Lo and behold, Duvall cheese started to fly off the shelves all thanks to Anatole,s tasting tips. Try as they did they had no luck in tracking Anatole but they typed out a letter of thanks to him. Anatole is thrilled beyond belief because he finally regained his honour. His family and friends are delighted at this turn of events for Anatole is no forager but a respected and trusted taster of cheese.


A letter of thanks from the Duval cheese factory owner to Anatole

Anatole is indeed a mouse Magnifique!What a delightful story by Eve Titus. The charming illustrations in the colours of the French flag (red, white and blue).Anatole tells us no matter how small you are, you can and must be honourable and that you can always contribute in a meaningful way.