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LittleKulture is run by Sheeba Manish and Manish Sahajwani. Sheeba is the key person who does the writing, curation, interviews, and content sourcing. Manish maintains the site technically, helps with the focus and direction, and also occationally writes for the site.

Sheeba Manish

Sheeba Manish

Sheeba is based in Bangalore, India and works full-time on LittleKulture and raising her two daughters.

She has previously held various corporate positions in management, content development, student counseling, and teaching. She is a big picture books fan. She earned a Bachelor of Arts and received an MBA from Goa Institure of Management with a focus marketing and branding.

Manish Sahajwani

Manish Sahajwani

Manish is an internet enterpreneur with a focus on building successful successful internet businesses.Apart from running LittleKulture, he runs, a popular financial education portal.

He also provides technology consulting focusing on both web and mobile development. He earned a Bachelor of Commerce and received an MBA from Goa Institute of Management with a focus on technology and finance.


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