A mole named Mordant stands gazing into the sky from his mole hole sees a turtle- shaped cloud. He wishes he could meet a turtle and become his friend. Mordant blows a dandelion hoping his wish comes true. This sets off a series of happy meetings and reunions not unlike a domino effect and Mordant's wish comes true.

Mordant sees a cloud

A turtle shaped cloud

Written and illustrated by Valerie Coursen, a graduate from the Rhode island school of design Mordant's Wish is the story of a deep wish fulfilled. It is the story of events that gently undulate, with each a happy story in itself, but giving the double joy of seeing our protagonist finding his dream come true.The dandelions that Mordant blows come in the way of a cyclist. They remind him of ice-cream and he goes to have one. A little bit of his ice-cream forms a puddle.

Dandelions bringing back happy memories

A bird Peanut remembers her aunt Nat and her hat on seeing the hat shaped puddle. The aunt and niece meet to belt out a happy duet.

Bursting into song with the joy of meeting

The barber who listens to the bird song shaves a smiley onto his customer Mr.Tooks' head. This cheers an unhappy beetle who hitches a ride on a parcel and then a lady's dress. The lady drops a shopping list and the beetle finds a home in a rose.

Smiley face!

The shopping list is picked by a little girl who finds the word swim in it. Off she goes with her friends, stopping to help a turtle cross the street.

With a little bit of help from friends

The turtle climbs the hill to find Mordant the mole who had earnestly wished to meet a turtle.Dreams and wishes come true when we wish really hard for them. The universe indeed conspires to make them come true.

Hello friend.

Mordant's Wish reads and feels like a feather that blows in the wind. Light, delightful, taking its own happy course, it amazes us with its beauty. A great book for little readers, they will come back to Mordant and his tale of friendship time and again.