Mums who send kids to hobby classes have some expectations, primarily keeping them out of their hair,  followed by children not wasting their time. Rainbow Brush Art, the art and hobby class working out of Bangalore did something much more than that. It conducted an effort so very extraordinary teaching the children a beautiful lesson for a lifetime.Cristine Nicholas Meyer, teacher and owner of Rainbow Brush Art took her fourteen students to an orphanage near her school. Her students then engaged with fourteen of the little inmates there, understanding their likes and interests. The little artists then drew portraits of their new  friends and their passions.

The children at the orphanageRainbow Brush Art  held an exhibition Kids 4 Kids, where the works of art were displayed and sold. The proceeds of the exhibition went to the orphanage to help the children.

Artwork by one of the little maestrosA remarkable teacher gave her students a lesson that so many of us parents only hope they learn. To help, be compassionate and spread joy and experience joy by sharing. She taught them that while they may be children they can move the earth in small but powerful gestures.

Nithyas art supported Humsak

Kids4kids, the art exhibition by kids for kids gets off to a singing startCorresponding with Cristine by email I was curious to understand what made her undertake this unique event. This is Cristine had  to say:"I have taken my students to orphanages and old age homes too. I  feel why should we limit art to galleries when you can use this medium to bring joy into people's life. It's therapeutic.It just gives me so much joy to see someone smile and to be able to create something so beautiful in a short period of time.This orphanage has got enough sponsors and is taken care of. I am trying to  train mums so that they can use these ideas and techniques to teach their kids as well as those in their neighbourhood! I hope to use the skills of these trained mums for a project very close to my heart.

Cristine, the Art teacher with heart

I use Art to reach out to children who are terminally ill by making home calls. Right now, I handle six kids but I want to reach out to many more. I have spent time with children who undergo dialysis and chemotherapy. It  gives me the satisfaction and joy like no other  when I see them smile and when they are able to create pictures right before their eyes in a short period of time.This has lead me to start a group “Talent for Life India” where volunteers could set a little time aside to teach these little children with any art form they are familiar with. It’s a voluntary Initiative and since the need is more, would like to connect with those who would like to contribute their time, art and smile."

Children are learning a lot more than Art at the wonderful Rainbow Brush Art. You can reach them at No.204, 3rd C Cross, 3rd Block, Hrbr Layout, Bangalore - 560043; Phone number: +(91)-9844108707

Little Rithin paints for his friend at the orphanage