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Scholastic Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs

Rich Book On Dinosaurs For Children

The Watcher Jane Goodall's Life With The Chimps

A Picture Biography About Anthropologist And Primatologist


The Story Of A Clumsy Child

Vibuthi Cat

A Story About Brotherhood And Autism

All Cats Have Aspergers Syndrome

A Gentle, Funny And Insightful Look About Autism

Uniquely Wired: A Story About Autism And Its Gifts

The Story Of A Watch Loving Autistic Child

Ian's Walk

A Reluctant Sister Learns About being Autistic

My Brother Charlie

A Sister Writes About Her Autistic Brother

The Girl Who Thought In Pictures

The Story Of Temple Grandin, Autistic And Animal Husbandry Technique Specialist


A Child With Autism Asks What Autism Is

Why Won't He Look At Me?

Understanding A Person With Autism

A Friend Like Simon

A New Friend At School Unlike Any Other

Why Is He Doing That?

A Picture Book About Understanding Autism

The Case Of The Missing Water

A Young Detective Goes In Search Of Water

Jadav And The Tree Place

A Story About Earth Warrior Jadav Payeng

Let's Go Seed Collecting!

From A Tiny Seed Sprouts The Mighty Tree

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