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New Book Alert: Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills For The World Conquering Teenager and Almost Teenager By Roopa Pai

There’s a New Book On The Block (NBOTB)! Little Kulture is both proud and happy to announce this Teacher’s Day (2017) Roopa Pai’s latest book Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills For The World Conquering Teenager (And Almost Teenager).

Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills For The World Conquering Teenager (And Almost Teenager) by Roopa Pai is one of the best books a teenager can read, refer to and have a ton of fun with. If you are thinking that you can curl up with this book in a comfy chair, well you can’t. It has skills you can learn, challenges to do, badges to be won, a squad to sign off on tasks and never a dull moment. Roopa Pai brings a truckload of positive can-do energy and backs it up with the how-to in detail. Her work is backed up ably by illustrator Mistunee Chowdhury.

Who is the book for?

This book is aimed at teenagers, but not just any teenager but the World Conquering kind.

Being a teenager is a critical time. For one they seek the company of their peers more. (Proof: just watch any teenager chatting on their phone). It is also a time when they are fresh with the new-found freedom of growing up that alternates between loving their parents and calling them tyrants. It is also a time parents recognize for their teenagers to learn skills that will help them as they finally strike it out on their own.

There is always a  danger that girls get taught more cooking and boys more about repairing a car or banking. This might be alright for regular teenagers but not our World Conquering Teenager. Adept at reading a map, starting a small business, making their bed, chatting up with elders in the family and outside and cooking up a meal when too hungry, the world conquering teenager (girl or boy) is always prepared and able.

How does one explain and make a teenager do all this without boring them out of their wits or pulling out your own in the process? Elementary, my dear Watson you reach out for Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills For The World Conquering Teenager (And Almost Teenager). The language is simple, direct and fun. The structure of the book takes the teenager to a good place straight away. How? Well, all challenges in the book are to be done with a squad – a group of like-minded teenagers who want to do and learn, supervised by an older person (a parent or grandparent for instance). Who doesn’t like spending time with friends and figuring out stuff? The tasks are themselves great fun and pretty soon any reluctant teenager will join in with FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out). As a parent, you can breathe easy because the book covers most aspects of a healthy, independent life all neatly put together in this 320-page book. The teenager is unlikely to put it aside after one reading; it will be bookmarked, dog-eared, referred to and most certainly passed down to younger siblings, cousins, and friends sometime in the far future.

Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills for the World Conquering Teenager (And Almost Teenager)  can be a revelation based on if you are woefully unskilled to fend for yourself or if you can take care of yourself if you were shipwrecked on a deserted island. The core of the book is about being self-reliant, helpful and loyal with a smile, no less.

What is the book based on?

Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills for the World Conquering Teenager (And Almost Teenager) has at its heart the Scouts and Guides philosophy and methodology. The World Conquering Teen henceforth called WoCoTeen has a pledge to make, a motto and laws to follow. Not to mention, tasks and challenges and helping anyone in need or not. Phew!

The WoCoTeen pledge reads:

Today, on my honour, I promise to be

The very best person that I can be

To work at being healthy and fit and strong

To think before I act, to choose right over wrong

To help those around me, in every time and location

To be courteous and kind, whatever their station

To be a friend to every animal, bird and tree

With a mind that is open, and a heart that is free

World conquering Teens taking the pledge

Fab! Imagine every teenager being this way, then we have little to worry about our home, our communities and our country.

Book Structure

The book is split into covenants – a contract or agreement. They start with agreements made with the self. This agreement includes eating right, self-defense, nurturing a hobby, making things by hand, venturing into business and communicating effectively.

These are followed by the family and home covenant in which WoCoTeen learns to keep their space clean, cook a meal, take care of a sick person, manage money, grow their own food (yes, even in that tiny apartment balcony) and fix things around the house.

In the community covenant, the WoCoTeen learns more about the symbols and institutions that make India in a totally non-boring way.

The different salutes of the Indian armed forces and the reason for each is detailed in The Patriot, a section under the community Covenant

It covers ground on how to take care of animals, volunteering, and staying calm in a crisis. These are skills to learn for life. Finally, the book imparts skills to the WoCoTeen on how not to just survive but embrace this glorious, large home of ours called Earth and the skies above.

Book Sample

A personal favourite from Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills For The World Conquering Teenager (And Almost Teenager) is from the chapter where Pai talks about maps. If this kind of writing were made available in Geography textbooks, children would be glued to their books!

As you are more likely to know how to read Google Maps, we are focusing on regular paper maps here. Because those are what you will have to turn to when your phone runs out of juice, when using mobile data is too expensive, and when after a solar flare has hit the earth destroying all electric sources you want to get somewhere (haha- let the nightmares begin).

There are all kinds of maps, which give you all kinds of different information, but for the purpose of this book we are sticking to learning to read what is a Physical, or Topographical map. And not just any old physical map, either, but the Topographical map of the Indian subcontinent.

A map is a teenager’s guide and companion while camping.

A Physical map does not show your borders between States and countries (that’s the job of the ‘Political’ map). What it does instead is give you a whole bunch of information on the physical features, or landforms – mountains, deserts, plateaus, plains – of the country and the altitudes they are at. It allows you to trace the undulating contours of the land – its ups and downs, its hills and valleys. It lets you imagine the land in vivid 3-D , instead of in boring, flat 2-D.

Take a look at the book trailer.

By now there is only one thing left for you to do reader – Get The Book!

You can buy the book by clicking on the link below:

Ready! 99 Must-Have Skills For The World Conquering Teenager And Almost Teenager

Make sure you visit Little Kulture on Sept. 10th, 2017 to read an interview with Roopa Pai on who/what motivated her to write Ready! 99 Skills For The World Conquering Teenager (And Almost Teenager) and how she went about bringing the book to life. Tune in or rather log in!

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