In Big Cat Land

Imagine you open a book and find yourself Smack!! in the middle of the tall dry grass. Face to face with a tiger cub eyes shut, helpless and not alone! Watch him as he frolics with his mother and she gently plays with him. See through the cub’s eye a monkey and the parrot. Search the page through the dark tall trees to see a monkey ready to swing from branch to branch, watchful of the tiger.

Tiger mother and cub sleep arms in arms, paw in paw

Tiger mother and cub sleep arms in arms, paw in paw

Travel with the cub and his family as he romps in the grass and plays tumble with his brother. Feel your hair stand with fun and some fear as he snarls playfully at his siblings and practices pouncing, not unlike a kitten at home.

Watch through the young tiger’s eyes the waterhole and all the animals who gather there – the deer and the wild boar.

Feast on the prey his mother catches. Grow with the tiger cub who is now fully grown and has to hunt on his own. Learn through missed catches. Stand still in the tall grass, eyes searching and finding an antelope. Make no noise. This catch is important, mother tiger  will feed nor share no more. Stand alert, ready to spring and continue the cycle of big cat life in the grasslands.

Imagine You Are a Tiger, written by Karen Wallace, illustrated by Peter Melnyczuk and published by Hodder Children’s Books will unleash the tiger in your cub  and you.

What a delightful way to learn about the big cat. The words complement the brilliant pastel drawings done using the scratch technique by Peter Melnyczuk.

The book traces the life of the tiger from when he is a helpless, blind cub to a ripping young tiger ready to go independent. In the interim, we spend time with his siblings and admire his mother as she hunts to provide for her family or cools off in the river on a summer’s day.

The book brings alive the teeming life in the tiger’s habitat. Arboreal animals and the ground animals, all ever vigilant of the tiger.This book becomes all the more important in the light of the ever reducing numbers of this magnificent animal.

If this book enthralls your child and you both seek more information about the tigers and how to help in tiger conservation go to the World WildLife Link. For a more whimsical story about a tiger you could read Judith Kerr’s The Tiger Who Came to Tea.


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