About Me

The mind is not a vessel to be filled, only a fire to be kindled.


Little Kulture, is the place where you can find interesting things for little people and their parents.  I have always loved the little people for their independence, fierceness, adaptation skills and their uncanny talent to know people who were being genuine. It is the little people who have taught me to forgive myself, not take myself too seriously- no, not seriously at all. They fight one moment, laugh the next and roll on the floor laughing listening to their own fart.

A child’s education is a very important thing, not to be restricted to the walls of a school. Give them a kit that will help them see the world and not be afraid of it.

Little Kulture has been curating videos, books, essays, programming resources and showcasing them. We hope to continuously add new resources that will delight children and caregivers the world over. We have been doing this with the intent that there is so much to be explored apart from the standardised fare that most children have access to. We hope you spread the word about the finds you see on Little Kulture so that  more children and caregivers  find their spirits enriched with all the wonderful things they read, watch and experience here.




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